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The Serbian Institute is a Washington D.C. based non-profit institution whose mission is to educate the public through multimedia outreach and information that helps connect the Balkans with North America and promotes a better understanding of Balkan issues.  We believe that exchanging ideas and information is a valuable part of building stronger relations between the United States and the Serbian people. 




Danielle Sremac, President of the Serbian Institute giving an overview to students from the University of Alabama prior to their trip to Serbia and the Balkans



May 2013—Trip to Republika Srpska and Serbia -- Serbian Institute directors with officials, media, and Serbian Royal Family


Serbia 5-2013 (13) - Dodik, Pavlovic, Danielle  Dacic-2Serbia 5-2013 (30)  Dijaspora photo (3)Dijaspora photo (6)  Saborna Crkva (41)    0---Zikina Sarenica - May 2013  0---Skupstina-Miodrag Popovic, Nikolina, Danijela, Srdjan Poskovic  



September 2014—Signing of the Letter of Intent to open a new Enterprise Zone by Zeljka Cvijanovic Prime Minister of the Government of Republika Srpska

Potpisivanje Sept 2014 (19) - Copy

Potpisivanje Sept 2014 (20)



November 2013—Serbian Institute Forum, Fund Raising Dinner “ Greek-Serbian Relations and Interests”


 SI- 11-23-2013 (21)

SI- 11-23-2013 (53)  SI- 11-23-2013 (63)SI- 11-23-2013 (153) SI- 11-23-2013 (35)

SI- 11-23-2013 (45) 0-2

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Vladimir Petrovic, Serbian Institute President, Danielle Sremac, Serbian Institute Chairman of the Board, Alex Machaskee, November 2013, Serbian Institute Forum, Washington, D.C.

SI- 11-23-2013 (41) SI- 11-23-2013 (145)0-5  SI- 11-23-2013 (32)SI- 11-23-2013 (13) SI- 11-23-2013 (64)



Unveiling of the Tesla Monument by H.E. Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, President of the Republic of Serbia

(September 23, 2014)

 President Nikolic, Mrs Nikoic, Danielle Sremac, Slobodan Pavlovic

H.E. Presidnet Tomislav Nikolic at the unveiling ceremony …………………..Slobodan Pavlovic, President and Mrs. Nikolic, Danielle Sremac

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SI Directors, Alex Machaskee, Danielle Sremac, Slobodan (Mike) Pavlovic, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic, Mrs. Nikolic, Serbian President Toma Nikolic



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