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Serbian Heritage Cultural and Educational Tours


Our Grand Tour provides a truly in-depth learning experience of the Sebrian culture and history by visiting important Serbian heritage sites and cities throughout the Balkans.  It’s a chance for participants to learn the language, students interact with other students and members of the Serbian diaposra, and their SI Certificate of Course Completion can be applied toward collegecredit.


Come with us on a Diaspora Tour to meet, connect and network with other Serbs, organization leaders, business people and members of government in Austria, Germany Sweeden, Serbia and Republika Srpska, including 5 diaspora conferences, side trips to important cultural destinations, restaurants and entertainment.


Our Wine Tours let you sample amazing wines and deliceous cuisine of the Balknans while enjoying it’s breathtaking sites, interacting with its friendly, spritied people, and enjoying its captivatingly soleful music and entertainment.













Serbian Heritage “Grand” Tour

14 days – 6 countries – 15 cities

A tour through Serbian history in the context of European and regional influences on Serbian culture


TOUR BOOK: Receive your companion Serbian Heritage history book when you sign up for your tour.


ITINERARY:  Visit 6 countires in 14 days, including Vienna and over 15 destinations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro à view itinerary activities by day


CURRICULUM / LESSONS: Receive a guided tour with expert lessons on history and culture, including daily lessons and a special course study on Serbian philosophy, history and culture presented by Balkan academic experts.  Students who sign up for college credit receive additional guidance and are expected to complete SI Serbian Heritage Tours academic requirements.


LODGINGS: Stay in excellent hotels we have specially chosen for the tour.


FOOD:  Experience fantastic restaurants


MEET OTHER TRAVELERS: This is a great opportunity to meet other students and people from the diaspora in a learning environment.


GET COLLEGE CREDIT:  For students seeking college credit, each student will receive a course completion certificate following a completed paper at the end of the course


COST / SCHEDULE: See the complete tour itinerary and pricing.










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