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April 2016

12 days 5 countries



Diaspora Networking Tour


Austria, Germany, Sweeden,

Serbia, Republika Srpska


Join us for a unique tour that brings together the Serbian diaspora in North America with individuals, leading organizations, and business associations from the Serbian diaspora in Europe. The tour includes 5 Diaspora Conferences, visits to historical and cultural sites, restaurants and entertainment.


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June — July 2016

16 days 6 countries




Students Tour


Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro


Combining language immersion with lectures, students will tour through several Balkan and other countries and have an opportunities to meet members of government in Serbia and Republika Srpska.  Students receive credit from the Serbian Institute SH Program in affiliation with local universities.


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September 2016

12 days 3 countries




Balkan Wine Tour


Serbia, Republika Srpska BiH, Montenegro



Some amazing, undiscovered wines await you as you tour the Balkans, visit wineries and hear how local producers create these unique wines, paired up with a tantalizing sampling of the region’s cuisine at local restaurants.



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