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Serbian Heritage Cultural and Educational Tours


Our Student Tour provides a truly in-depth learning experience of the Sebrian culture and history by visiting important Serbian heritage sites and cities throughout the Balkans.  Students learn the language, interact with other students, professors, and members of government.  Their SI Certificate of Course Completion and credit from local affiliated academic institutions can be applied toward collegecredit.


Come with us on a Diaspora Tour to meet, connect and network with other Serbs, organization leaders, business people and members of government in Austria, Germany Sweeden, Serbia and Republika Srpska, including 5 diaspora conferences, side trips to important cultural destinations, restaurants and entertainment.


Our Wine Tours let you sample amazing wines and deliceous cuisine of the Balknans while enjoying it’s breathtaking sites, interacting with its friendly, spritied people, and enjoying its captivatingly soleful music and entertainment.




Serbian Heritage Cultural & Educational Tours

(mid-June-early July 2016)  16 days – 6 countries – 13 cities and towns


Student Tour—Itinerary






All arriving flights à US / Canada / Europe / Australia

Tickets from US to Europe are separate from Tour package

Contact: WORLD TRAVEL, Travel Agent, Liliana Visnjic   |   +1-718-805-5777



Austria, Vienna

·         Check into hotel

·         Rest from flight

·         Brief review of itinerary

·         Dinner in Vienna


Austria, Vienna

à Bratislava, Slovakia

·         Breakfast—Meet with Serbian diaspora in Vienna

·         Tour Vienna with local Serbs

·         Bus to Bratislava (1 hr)

·         Tour Bratislava Castle and old town

·         Dinner/evening in Bratislava

·         Bus to Vienna


Vienna à

Prague, Czech Republic

·         Breakfast, Vienna

·         Bus to Prague, Czech Republic (3 ½ hr)

·         National Gallery of Prague—pan Slavic paintings

·         Tour city

·         Bus to Vienna


Viennaà Serbia, Belgrade

·         flight to Belgrade

·         Check into hotel

·         Walking tour Kalimegdan

·         Bus tour of the city’s main attractions

·         Dinner – Skadarlija

·         Evening music / nightlife



Novi Sad

·         Breakfast – hotel

·         Bus to Novi Sad (1 hr)

·         Tour Petrovaradniska Tvrdjava (Fortress) - lunch

·         Tour city center

·         Dinner in ethnic town “salas

·         Evening bus to Belgrade


Belgradeà Nis


·         Breakfast hotel

·         Bus to Nis (2 ½ hr)

·         Tour city

·         Bus to Belgrade



·         Breakfast

·         Tour Serbian Royal Family’s  White Palace

·         Tesla Museum

·         Serbian Parliament Building, talk with members of parliament/government

·         Dinner—river side, Splavovi / night entertainment and music


Belgrade à

Banja Luka

·         AirSerbia to Banja Luka

·         Check into hotel

·         Explore Kastel fortress, lunch

·         Lecture at Banja Luka University

·         Tour of town center

·         Dinner /entertainment / music


Banja Luka à Jahorina, Sarajevo

·         Breakfast hotel

·         Lecture at Banja Luka museum

·         Bus to Sarajevo (3 hrs)  - stop for lunch

·         Jahorina explore mountains

·         Dinner / lecture by the fire and beautiful ambiance of hotel Termag



Jahorina à


·         Hotel breakfast Jahurina

·         Bus to Trebinje (stop at ethnic store Jahorina)

·         Check into Trebinje hotel

·         Visit church / gift shop / lunch on terrace overlooking Trebinje

·         Lecture at open theater overlooking Trebinje

·         Visit Vukoje Wine Cellars – drinks / specialty appetizers

·         Explore town - dinner


Trebinje à

Herceg Novi

·         Hotel breakfast

·         Bus to Herceg Novi

·         Check into hotel

·         Beach

·         Explore town

·         Dinner / evening entertainment


Herceg Novi à Perast à

Kotor à


·         Hotel breakfast

·         Boat from Herceg Novi to Perast island

·         Boat to Kotor

·         Kotor - explore town and old city wall

·         Bus from Kotor to Budva

·         Dinner / evening entertainment




·         Hotel breakfast

·         Beach

·         Explore town

·         Lecture

·         Dinner / evening entertainment


Budva à

Sveti Stefan à Tivat à Belgrade

·         Breakfast in hotel

·         Old town Budva, explore town

·         Bus to Tivat

·         Airplane Tivat to to Belgrade

·         Check into hotel

·         Evening dinner – splav - music


Belgrade à

All departing flights

à US / Canada / Europe / Australia




Sample curriculum for Austria/Slovakia/Czech Republic:

       Serbs and Serbian lands have been divided into two empires: Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman.

       Serbian 19th century intellectuals, writers, and artists were traditionally schooled in Vienna, including some of the following better known: Vuk Stefanović Karadžić – reformer of Serbian language | Dositej Obradović – initiator of the movement for Serbian national identity  |  Đura Jakšić – writer and painter  |  Milutin Milanković – scientist  |  Uroš Predić – painter  |  Đura Daničić – first Serbian philologist (a combination of literary criticism, history, and linguistics)  |  Josif Pančić – scientist  |  Branko Radičević – poet  |  Zmaj Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj – poet   |  Jovan Cvijić – most famous Serbian geographer   |  Nikola Tesla – scientist and inventor

         Modern day Vienna and Serbian diaspora’s influence on Austria

         Pan Slavism, Serbian people in the historical context of other Slavic people in Europe


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