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“Our goal is to provide a platform for an exchange of ideas on how to improve the business environment of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkans as a whole, and provide multimedia support to help businesses connect to North America.”





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“We believe that economic prosperity is crucial to the advancement of all people in the Balkans and support projects and policies aimed at encouraging competitive markets which provide a healthy basis for entrepreneurship and economic development.”


Forums and  Workshops


SI Forum Banja Luka April 2015

Brings together local entrepreneurs, academics, students, and individuals in local government to identify specific barriers to entrepreneurship, and prepare advisory papers to help promote reforms. Recent Forum in Banja Luka


Entrepreneurship Classes


http://fakulteti.edukacija.rs/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/studenti2.jpgLearning how to become good in business starts by developing skills and experience early in life. A youth entrepreneurship program is particularly crucial for establishing a solid basis for future economic development in the Balkans. These classes are intended for teenagers who want to create their own business, make their own money, and take responsibility for their own future, but aren’t taught entrepreneurship in high school.  Students participate in webinars where they hear experts from the US and Canada and interact with questions and digital communication.  Speakers provide practical guidance on entrepreneurship based on real life experiences and theories of some of the best entrepreneurship colleges in America.







Bringing US experts in business, economics, project management, and marketing to educate, provide guidance and help companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina succeed in the international market.


Outreach to American Investors and Distributors with Multimedia Promotion

Helping local companies reach out to north America including people in diaspora and different industries that could become partners with local companies, distribute their products, or invest in other ways. We create videos and other promotional material for local companies in English, as well as digital brochures and quality feasibility studies—everything investors want to see.





Bojan Solaja

Director, SI Center for Business Development - Banja Luka

Also Manager at International Press Center Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CONTACT: solajabojan@gmail.com



SI Forum Banja Luka April 2015

Obren Bjelosevic

Director of Projects, SI Center for Business Development – BL

Public policy expert and NGO project coordinator dealing with transparency at all government levels in BH. Professor of philosophy and sociology.

CONTACT: obrenbj@yahoo.com


Milos Solaja

Senior Advisor, SI Center for Entrepreneurship, Banja Luka Professor at Faculty for Political Sciences Bosnia and Herzegovina, Education Management, University of Banja Luka.

stefan-milic 2

Stefan Milic

Balkans Coordinator for the Serbian Institute's Global Students Program

Member of East-West Bridge, VP of European Movement in BiH, 10 years experience in civil affairs, well known youth leader and student activist in Republika Srpksa and B-H.



Dalibor Danilovic

Mechanical Engineer

SI Adiser on Technology

AF Consult, Swiss, with experience in organizing and coordinating company business in the field of manufacturing, including mechanical processing, maintenance of energy systems.



The Serbian Institute supports the SI Center for Business Development in Banja Luka in the following goals:


·         becoming a non-partisan expert resource for information and exchange of ideas for all academic institutions, governing bodies, political parties, business associations and the public

·         building a resource of experts and provide recommendations on a variety of ways to improve the economy, business practices, communications between government and public, the legal and regulatory system, government-to-business relationships, government organization, and economic development

·         educating the public and professional groups through forums, conferences, workshops, and student exchanges

·         supporting the process of promoting tourism and business opportunities in Republika Srpska








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