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Balkan Corruption Watch










Importance of Transparency in Public Procurement — Master’s Program, Belgrade Law School


A Great Opportunity  to Combine a High-Level Master’s Program in English with a Serbian Cultural Experience in Belgrade


It was a pleasure to visit the Belgrade University Law School where I met with Veljko Sikirica, expert at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Associate Director of the Procurement Policy Department and also a very respected member of our Washington, DC Serbian community, as well as Professor Dr. Dobrosav Milovanović, and Ms. Ljiljana Marić, Head of the Office for Master and Doctoral Studies. For anyone that would like to sponsor a student to attend this unique program which supports the idea of transparency and integrity in government please contact the program. (click below)







P R E S S    C O N F E R E N C E



Transparency and Eliminating Corruption in the Balkans

Транспарентност и како елиминисати корупцију на Балкану



July 8, 2019, 11:00 a.m.


Press Center, Belgrade, Serbia Knez Mihailova broj 6/III





Danielle (Danijela) Sremac, Serbian Institute, President

Washington, DC


Milenko Bogajcevic

Balkan Corruption Watch

Security and Corruption


Zahari J. Tomov


Bulgarian Project, President




11:40 — 12:00 Questions and Answers, audience participation


(Speeches will be in Serbian and English — говори на српском и енглеском)





Balkan Corruption Watch Project  

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 Danielle Sremac, President, Serbian Institute


Corruption is the biggest barrier to economic progress and a democratic political system in Serbia and throughout the Balkans. When judges and government officials are susceptible to corruption, when fair competition is destroyed by companies who hold monopolies based on their connections to the ruling party, and when the system of voting is not a reflection of the people’s will but rather the power, money and skill of certain individuals to take advantage of a corrupt system, then the future of an entire nation and its future generations is at stake. Please watch this video on our efforts to implement a Balkan-wide effort to fight corruption and learn how you can get involved.

Thank you

Danielle Sremac







Bulgarian Project Overview


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The Bulgarian Project’s mission is to create a transparent, democratic and successful society in Bulgaria based on the rule of law. We are committed to establishing this by working with the Bulgarian diaspora, US government, European Union and other countries around the world to ensure that internal institutions and procedures are amply monitored so that the rights of citizens of Bulgaria and legitimate foreign investors are secure. (click to read more à) 



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